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Spa treatment

Before the spa treatment:

It is important that you let us know if you are pregnant or on special medication when you book your appointment. The information is confidential.

Exercise, bathe or take a sauna before spa treatment - for the best possible effect.

Please shower before the treatment.

Arrive in good time and contact reception no later than 15 minutes before the treatment starts. At reception  you can hire a bathrobe, towel and slippers and you will be directed to the waiting floor or the cloakroom if you are going to use the pool area before your treatment. Keep your own underwear on under the bathrobe. Feel free to drink some water while you wait to be picked up by the therapist at the agreed time.


We strongly recommend that the mobile phone is switched off or placed in your lockable wardrobe.

Welcome to your spa time with us.

Vilkår og Betingelser

Terms and conditions:


All spa stays and treatments must be booked in advance. We always try to be flexible, but we recommend ordering well in advance.

Arrival/ check-in
Show up at the agreed time (specified in the order confirmation). Ask at reception who will tell you where to wait.



We strive to always provide our customers with as correct information as possible. However, we reserve the right that typing/printing errors, incorrect registrations, delayed registrations and illness in our calendar may occur, which may mean that in some cases we cannot deliver according to the agreed time or with the agreed therapist. As a consequence of this, we further reserve the right to change or cancel the order or parts of it. In such cases, you will be notified of this.


Delays/ no-shows 

Time is calculated from when you enter the changing room until you leave the room, i.e. it includes showering, changing and possibly serving in the relax department. If you should arrive late for a treatment/spa visit, this will shorten your time so as not to delay other guests, and the optimal effect may not be achieved.


However, we reserve the right to cancel your order if it cannot be carried out in a shorter time. Canceled orders are charged in full. Unfortunately, we are not able to be flexible.



If you are unable to come to your treatment/spa visit, we must be notified of this at least 24 hours before. Later or non-cancellation will be charged with 50% of the price of your treatment.​ The same applies if you need to move your appointment after the 24-hour deadline.

​​For all orders, we must, among other things, ensure that sufficient staffing is present, as well as make other necessary preparations. Absences therefore cause significant losses to our company, which we must take into account.

​We understand that things can happen and we will therefore always try to sell your hour on to someone else first. However, if we are not successful in this, we will have to charge for the hour.

We ask for your understanding for this.


Own responsibility

Remember that ordering is at your own risk. If you are on special medication, are pregnant, have allergies, skin problems, high blood pressure, fever/infections/swelling, blood clots, heart problems or other things that you believe are relevant information, it is important that you mention this when ordering treatment.


If you are in doubt about your state of health, it is advisable to contact a doctor beforehand. Our desire is to give you the best possible experience of well-being, tranquility and total relaxation.



Fab.Lounge Spa has a general liquor licence, so you can order wine, sparkling wine and other refreshments in connection with your spa stay. However, we point out that:

  • It is only possible to consume alcohol in our closed premises​

  • It is not permitted to bring alcohol and drink this at Fab.Lounge Spa and Scandic Royal Hotell

  • Nor can you take alcohol that has been purchased at Fab.Lounge Spa and Scandic Royal Hotel, cf. alcohol regulations § 4-4 (​

  • It is not permitted to pour before. 12.00

  • Bring identification. If our employees are in doubt about their age, we have the right to ask for identification. If you cannot show identification, you will be refused sale​

  • Upon acceptance of the offer, the Orderer confirms that all participants who will consume alcohol in the event are over 18​

  • Care should be taken with alcohol and heat. Drink lots of water​

  • Visible intoxication inside and outside our premises is not permitted. Fab.Lounge Spa and Scandic Royal Hotell have a duty to ensure that persons who are obviously under the influence of alcohol leave the premises. (Alcohol regulations § 4-1​)

  • We only sell up to 22% alcohol by volume (beer, wine, cider etc.)

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